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For the Memories

A mugshot portrait of one of my buddies that enjoys taking mugshots. 9″x12″ acrylic and ink on watercolor paper.


Sexiest Man Alive 1992

Nick Nolte Mugshot

Nick Nolte

Ten years after winning the Sexiest Man Alive title, Nick Nolte, in his finest tropical shirt, posed for this nice mugshot. #2 in Mugshot series. 12″x12″ acrylic on wood.

D.B. Cooper Goat

100% Pure Adrenaline

Inspired by D.B. Cooper, this goat escaped from being captured by parachuting out of a plane. Escape goat or scapegoat?  A typical mondegreen perhaps. A custom painting for a young women who is a fan of goats, D.B. Cooper, and likes taking it to the edge and beyond Point Break style… 18″x24″ acrylic on canvas. SOLD

Girl in the Woods

Into the Woods

This is a commissioned portrait I did a l little while ago for a women that is a big Kathleen Lolley fan. Thus, I painted her into the dark and mystical Lolley World.

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

A custom Family Portrait I painted for a gentleman’s surprise Xmas gift to his wife. I call it “One Wooden Buffalo, Two Poms, Two cats and Two Recently Departed Pets Looking After Them.”


Pug Duo


Meet Cash & Chips, a true Pug Dynamic Duo. Custom Pet Portraits acrylic on canvas.


If you are interested in a custom pet portrait for your pet or pets feel free to email me for a quote: