Arts, goats, squids, pigs, and occasionally some dinosaurs…
Basically, I like to draw and paint cartoony personified animals. I feel like I have been drawing animals and other creatures all my life. As a kid I spent a lot of time drawing animals and cartoons while sitting at the kitchen table watching M.A.S.H and/or Magnum P.I. (Re-runs obviously). After college, a rock band run, and my short corporate life stint I decided to get back into it. I don’t watch that much M.A.S.H or Magnum P.I. these days, but I do paint, illustrate, and design a lot of animals, and some people, and places sometimes. Sometimes I write words on the top of my paintings or illustrations, sometimes educational, and I have been known to even write bad words. Nothing too crazy, PG13 tops.
I like to keep it simple.
Paintings, Illustrations, and Design. T-shirts, prints, greeting cards, posters, business cards, logos, pets, family scenes, and portraits.

I welcome custom requests. Just send me a line. Thanks for being here and checking my website out.

Original paintings, illustrations, and prints are currently available for purchase at my Etsy store.


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