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D.B. Cooper Goat

100% Pure Adrenaline

Inspired by D.B. Cooper, this goat escaped from being captured by parachuting out of a plane. Escape goat or scapegoat?  A typical mondegreen perhaps. A custom painting for a young women who is a fan of goats, D.B. Cooper, and likes taking it to the edge and beyond Point Break style… 18″x24″ acrylic on canvas. SOLD

Chickens of Leon

So cool in chicken's new Camaro

Rock band Chickens of Leon, not to be confused with Kings of Leon, rocking out a set preparing for the upcoming Grammy Awards. 24″x20″ acrylic on canvas. Ready to hang.

Original available @

Giant Squid Vs. Frigate

Squid Attacks!

Classic shot of the mythical Giant Squid attacking a Frigate in the seas off the coast of South Africa. Old painting from 2006. 18″x24″ acrylic on canvas.

White Stripe Chickens

Seven Chicken Army

Chickens rockin out to the hits of the White Stripes. 8″x8″x1.5″ acrylic on canvas. Free standing and/or ready to hang.

Original available at

Portrait of a Pug


This is Eggs. This little guy is kind of a big deal around town. When he isn’t rallying around local dog parks and enjoying tropical sippers on sunny days he is usually kicking back on the couch eating dry roasts and posing for portraits. If you don’t have a pug or a bat-pig-monkey thing of your own to make you laugh and cheer you up at the end of the day this portrait of Eggs surely will. 14″x18″ original on canvas. SOLD.

8″x10″ Prints available at my Etsy store here.



Terry the gentle and docile T-Rex. One of a kind. This is a quick doodle painting I did for an kid art show. 8″x8″ on recycled wood. SOLD

Girl in the Woods

Into the Woods

This is a commissioned portrait I did a l little while ago for a women that is a big Kathleen Lolley fan. Thus, I painted her into the dark and mystical Lolley World.




A mighty Triceratops hanging out on a white sand beach. 8″x8″ wood panel.
Ready to hang.

Original painting available here.