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Black Sheep

Allergy Awareness

Here is a promotional illustration project I did for Food Allergy Awareness Week back in May. I was thinking about making some shirts.

When Doves Cry

Purple Rain

A tribute to Prince, partying like it’s 1999, doves crying, raspberry berets, changing your name to symbols, and to a girl that really knew how to grind—Nikki. This little Prince gem will be available exclusively at the Cari Carter Show tomorrow night at The Jack London Bar. Art Goats will be at the show and I’ve heard through a inside source that Prince will be there as well. Show starts at 9pm.


Bottle of IPA

Local beer series. Portrait of a bottle of Capture By Porches Invasive Species IPA. I admit, I am a fan. 5.5″x11″ acrylic on recycled wood. Check them out here.


For the Memories

A mugshot portrait of one of my buddies that enjoys taking mugshots. 9″x12″ acrylic and ink on watercolor paper.


Bonjour Monsieur de Vache

Oui Oui Monsieur!


Bonjour Monsieur! Je suis bon dans la cuisine! A portrait of a French Cow.  24″x18″ original acrylic on canvas.

Original and Prints available @

ART SALE 30% off selected paintings!


Due to my overcrowded art studio, and the necessity to make room for my new art projects, I decided I was in need of a little spring clean, therefore I am offering off selected paintings at liquidation prices.


Check out all SALE ITEMS.

Alberta Street Scene

Keep it Weird

A snapshot of a scene I stumbled across as I was cruising down Alberta Street in Northeast Portland. A real bearded-stocking hat situation. Acrylic on recycled wood.


One Crazy Summer

After watching the movies Rad and Howard the Duck I was really inspired to relive 1986 again. So, I busted out the fluorescent paints and started splattering away on a black surface. Stenciled 1986 using gold interference paint and finished with a triple gloss.

The Golden Child

You will notice that 1986 will change color depending on your angle. 8″x8″ acrylic on wood with triple gloss finish.

D.B. Cooper Goat

100% Pure Adrenaline

Inspired by D.B. Cooper, this goat escaped from being captured by parachuting out of a plane. Escape goat or scapegoat?  A typical mondegreen perhaps. A custom painting for a young women who is a fan of goats, D.B. Cooper, and likes taking it to the edge and beyond Point Break style… 18″x24″ acrylic on canvas. SOLD