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Gentleman Goat 8″x10″ Print

A Gentleman 8"x10" Print

8″x10″ inkjet archival print on 230g matte paper created from original acrylic and ink painting.
All prints are signed, numbered, and checked.

Prints available here.

Gentleman Goat

A Modern Gentleman

A portrait of a modern gentleman goat wearing his finest and shiniest white tuxedo. Ready to hit the scene. Maker’s on the rocks is his drink. 24″x16″ acrylic and ink on recycled wood.

Original painting available at my store.



Hipster Goat

Just boosting my hipster street cred!

A portrait of a hipster goat showboating his ironic, over-sized glasses while posing in front of a Tuesday billboard. Just trying to boost his hipster cred. Original painting. 12″x18″ acrylic on recycled wood. Ready to hang.

Original and prints available at my store :  http://www.etsy.com/shop/LatebloomersArt

D.B. Cooper Goat

100% Pure Adrenaline

Inspired by D.B. Cooper, this goat escaped from being captured by parachuting out of a plane. Escape goat or scapegoat?  A typical mondegreen perhaps. A custom painting for a young women who is a fan of goats, D.B. Cooper, and likes taking it to the edge and beyond Point Break style… 18″x24″ acrylic on canvas. SOLD