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Sporty Goat

Ready for Athletics

Sporty goat is sporting his retro neon flare and throw back attitude. No matter what decade he is in this athletic Nubian little buddy is ready for any sport and is down for some post fitness libations. 4″x6″ original painting on wood with a nice glossy coat.

PS: the photo downplays the neon flare, in real life the fluorescent green and red are really something.

Original painting will be available at the Cari Carter Show, May 31st at The Jack London Bar.

For more goat action check out Art Goats @ etsy.

Gentleman Goat

A Modern Gentleman

A portrait of a modern gentleman goat wearing his finest and shiniest white tuxedo. Ready to hit the scene. Maker’s on the rocks is his drink. 24″x16″ acrylic and ink on recycled wood.

Original painting available at my store.



Alberta Street Scene

Keep it Weird

A snapshot of a scene I stumbled across as I was cruising down Alberta Street in Northeast Portland. A real bearded-stocking hat situation. Acrylic on recycled wood.

Hipster Cred

Cred Cray!

A portrait of a hipster goat hitting the scene in his 80’s fashion gear  while  posing in front of a Jackson Pollack painting. He is really skyrocketing his hipster cred. Original painting. 12″x18″ acrylic on recycled wood. Ready to hang.

Original and Prints available @ http://www.etsy.com/shop/LatebloomersArt

Hipster Goat

Just boosting my hipster street cred!

A portrait of a hipster goat showboating his ironic, over-sized glasses while posing in front of a Tuesday billboard. Just trying to boost his hipster cred. Original painting. 12″x18″ acrylic on recycled wood. Ready to hang.

Original and prints available at my store :  http://www.etsy.com/shop/LatebloomersArt


One Crazy Summer

After watching the movies Rad and Howard the Duck I was really inspired to relive 1986 again. So, I busted out the fluorescent paints and started splattering away on a black surface. Stenciled 1986 using gold interference paint and finished with a triple gloss.

The Golden Child

You will notice that 1986 will change color depending on your angle. 8″x8″ acrylic on wood with triple gloss finish.