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Goat Pattern

Black Sheep

Blue Ox

A Pug’s Happy Birthday Greeting Card

Pugs with their party hats on

Happy Birthday! A couple of pugs have their party hats on and are ready to party. 4″x6″ greeting card created from original illustration. Blank inside.

Greeting Cards available at Art Goats Store .

Christmas Goat

Happy Christmas

Allergy Awareness

Here is a promotional illustration project I did for Food Allergy Awareness Week back in May. I was thinking about making some shirts.

Animal Dream Team

Fashion Forward Animals

A few animals from a project I worked on for a non-profit.

A Portrait of a Horse as a Young Man

Featured in the Regretsy book and on the Regretsy website. A portrait of a horse as a young man openly expressing himself.

4″x5″ inkjet archival print on 230g matte paper created from original acrylic painting.
All prints are signed, numbered, and checked.

Prints available here.