A Pug’s Happy Birthday Greeting Card

Pugs with their party hats on

Happy Birthday! A couple of pugs have their party hats on and are ready to party. 4″x6″ greeting card created from original illustration. Blank inside.

Greeting Cards available at Art Goats Store .

Christmas Goat

Happy Christmas

Allergy Awareness

Here is a promotional illustration project I did for Food Allergy Awareness Week back in May. I was thinking about making some shirts.

Animal Dream Team

Fashion Forward Animals

A few animals from a project I worked on for a non-profit.

Cow Olympian

Go Team!

This Olympic ready Cow can’t wait for the Handball finals.

A Portrait of a Horse as a Young Man

Featured in the Regretsy book and on the Regretsy website. A portrait of a horse as a young man openly expressing himself.

4″x5″ inkjet archival print on 230g matte paper created from original acrylic painting.
All prints are signed, numbered, and checked.

Prints available here.


Stella 8″x8″ acrylic on wood

Stella stel la la! Stella! (in Interpol guy voice)

Stella. A Portrait of a Boston Terrier. 8″x8″ acrylic on wood.

A Simple Red Bell Pepper 5″x7″ print

Pimiento rojo

A simple still life of a Red Bell Pepper. Just in time for summer.
5″x7″ print.

Print available at Art Goats @etsy.

A Simple Pear 5″x7″ Print


A simple still life of a nice D’anjou Pear. Just in time for summer.
5″x7″ print

Print is available at Art Goats @ etsy.

Squid 5″x7″ Print


A rare glimpse of the Giant Squid floating about in the deep seas of the Pacific.

5″x7″ print. This is an inkjet archival print on 230g matte paper of an original acrylic painting.
Print is signed and numbered. ***artgoats.com isn’t on print***

prints available at art goats @ etsy.